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Petra Electric

Petra Electric was founded in 1968, a manufacturer of electrical equipment with a focus on coffee machines. The company originally had a very extensive range of products such as hair care, baby, barbecue and party, wellness and beauty. Today, small appliances are still being produced for the household, such as a toaster, baking tray and hair styling equipment.

The centerpiece of the product range today is the cafe business segment. The centerpiece of the product range today is the Cafe business segment. This is where the passionate coffee drinker finds everything he needs: from the coffee grinder to the coffee pod machine, from the espresso machine to the coffee machine, everything is contained in the product range and produced in high quality. Besides, today small electrical appliances are produced for the household such as toasters, table grills and hairstyling devices.

The headquarters of the company and the associated production facility were located in Burgau, Bavaria, until the end of August 2011. From Burgau the distribution, which concentrated on Germany, was coordinated and the dispatch to the electrical specialized trade steered. Today Petra Deutschland GmbH is located in Ense on the edge of the Sauerland. The production of the products was relocated from Germany to abroad in order to remain competitive.

The founder of the company was Peter Hohlfeldt. In 2007, the traditional family business was transferred to F.M. Zumtobel Group and sold to Fellix Rippe and Martin Tschour. Felix Rippe headed the company together with Marcus Hohlfeldt. The company’s current goal was to internationalize the business, thus further driving Petra Electric’s growth. In May 2008 Petra Electric was sold to WMF. The well-known company WMF wanted to expand its business field of coffee machines through this acquisition.

The management of Petra Germany GmbH took over Olaf Fischer. Already in the first half of 2012, the brand Petra was renovated: since then value is placed on a much more emotional appearance of the brand. The logo was redesigned, as well as the packaging of the products. These generated a higher recognition value. The new motto of Petra Electric is “Innovation – Usability – Reliability”.

As of today Petra Electric is still expanding and looking for (non)-European partners in order to drive international growth.


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